There’s been too much TALK about EPCAL, & too little SUBSTANCE.

Concerned about how the marketing & sale process has been managed—& what impact that might have on Riverhead’s future—I analyzed documents, researched bidders, & talked to real estate professionals & attorneys not involved in this deal.

I studied facts…details that haven’t seen the light of day.  And I suggest every taxpayer do 3 things:

Check out the list of major EPCAL “FAILS.”    (navigate using links in the left column OR the menu button on your phone OR scroll down this page)

Support Tim Hubbard, who’s working to fix it:  Help Tim!

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author’s note: I’m not paid for this work, & I’m not running for office. After nearly 20 years of hearing how EPCAL is going to be great for the community & great for my taxes, I just can’t sit idly & watch this opportunity–& our future–be further compromised & mismanaged. If everyone who feels the same tells Tim Hubbard, the councilman who’s proven most willing to do things differently, we can turn the tide.


(click any item for detail)

1—$150,000 proofreading error.

2—The town’s lawyer has never done this before.

3—“Qualified Buyers” look like the 3 Stooges of real estate.

4—Commissions are above market rates.

5—The commission “exclusion” clause is useless.

6—Luminati sale at full commission.

7—Premature EPCAL publicity probably cost town $5 million.

8—Conflict-of-interest provisions are deficient.

9—EPCAL is wide open for housing.

10—Key questions about Luminati.

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